This survey will be distributed across Canada, in English and French, through various social media methods and partner advocacy organizations to reach as many patients as possible that have ever been diagnosed with ocular melanoma (OM), primary and/or metastatic.  Recorded through the anonymous SurveyMonkey platform, the target outcomes of this survey include:

·         Establish landscape analysis for action to improve care and support of ocular melanoma across Canada

·         Build community for support of patients touched by ocular melanoma

This survey should take 5-10 minutes. Thank you for participating in this survey; if you have any questions, concerns, or additional information you wish to share, please contact or visit our website to read more about what we are working on to support patients touched by ocular melanoma.

* 1. Were you diagnosed with:

* 2. In what year were you first diagnosed, whether primary or metastatic?

* 3. If you have had recurrence of disease, in what year did this occur?

* 4. If you have had recurrence of disease, was it:

* 5. For confirmation of ocular melanoma metastasis, have you had a biopsy?

* 6. If you have had a biopsy, has the information from it had any implications on your follow-up plan?

* 7. Have you ever had treatment for ocular melanoma? (check all that apply)

* 8. When was your most recent treatment for ocular melanoma?

* 9. In what country do you live?

* 10. If you live in Canada, in which province do you live?

* 11. Do you live in the same province as when you were diagnosed with ocular melanoma?

* 12. If you received treatment for ocular melanoma, was it in the same province as the one where you lived at the time of treatment?

* 13. Has your medical team ever referred you to an oncologist in another province?

* 14. Do you or did you have educational materials or informative support at your cancer centre specifically related to ocular melanoma?

* 15. Do you wish you had more support or information in your journey with ocular melanoma?

* 16. Would you like to connect with other patients with ocular melanoma?

* 17. Do you have any links, online forums, or additional resources that you currently use for information that you would like to share, about ocular melanoma?

* 18. If you wish to enter your email or telephone information below, we would be happy to connect you with our patient friends who are surviving ocular melanoma. (if you wish to remain anonymous but still wish to connect with others, please feel free to email us or visit our website)