College faculty -- use this form to request free sets of Objectivist books from the Ayn Rand Institute (High school faculty -- please request books at

The books may be used for any purpose, including as classroom materials, in reading groups, or as prizes for students. The only restrictions are that 1) the recipients of the books must be students; 2) the books may not be sold; and 3) the requester is not already receiving funds for activities which overlap with the intent of this offer. You may also request review copies of any title for yourself.

We request that books be given to students in exchange for an email address, through which ARI and any organizational partner in this program can contact them with resources of interest. A signup sheet will be provided that can be returned to ARI. This is not a requirement but we greatly appreciate it, as it helps us evaluate the success of this program.

All requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and we may contact you for more details. The program is primarily for U.S. faculty. We consider requests from international faculty but it is less likely we can fulfill them given the cost of international shipping.

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* 1. I am a (NB: If you are a high school teacher, request books at