Welcome to OpenView's 2020 SaaS Benchmarks Survey!

Introduction and Overview
2020 marks the fourth consecutive year of OpenView’s Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Survey. Last year the survey grew yet again, capturing responses from more than 500 SaaS companies ranging in scale from pre-revenue to $100M+ in ARR. You can explore our detailed findings here if you haven’t already.

This year we’re excited to revisit concepts ranging from organization structure, go-to-market tactics, financial performance, leadership and more. We’ve also added a special section to help quantify the impact of COVID-19 and recessionary tailwinds on SaaS businesses. By participating, you’ll gain an understanding of how you stack up against your peers and what it takes to be a standout SaaS business in 2020.

The survey will take ~15 minutes to complete. All data will be kept strictly confidential and reported on an aggregate level. Click ‘Next’ below to participate in the 2020 survey.  Please contact Sean Fanning (sean@ov.vc) at OpenView with any questions.