2019 marks the third consecutive year of OpenView’s Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Survey. Last year with the help of our partners the survey grew to capture responses from more than 400 enterprise software companies, gathering data on company growth rates, budget allocations, unit economics, and more. You can explore the findings here if you haven’t already.

This year we’re excited to revisit concepts ranging from org structures, go-to-market, financial profile, leadership & talent, and more to provide insight to guide SaaS operators at all stages of growth.

Click ‘Next’ below to participate in the 2019 SaaS Metrics Benchmarking Survey. By participating, you’ll gain an understanding of how you stack up against your peers and what it takes to be a standout SaaS business. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and you can expect to receive the results in early Fall 2019. All data will be kept confidential and reported on an aggregate level.

Please contact Kyle Poyar (kyle@ov.vc) or Sean Fanning (sean@ov.vc) at OpenView with any questions.