Each year, OpenView publishes the Expansion SaaS Benchmarks. These benchmarks have proven valuable to the wider SaaS community for founders, funders, and the market to understand how organizational inputs like go-to-market approach, budget allocation, talent, location, and unit economics impact top-line growth. 

This year, we’re adding another benchmarking survey into the mix. We’re collaborating with Product Collective, a community for software product management professionals, to collect and publish product benchmarks in order to help founders and product owners prioritize a common set of metrics to measure and compare their performance against their peers. 

Click ‘Next’ below to participate in the 2020 Product Metrics Benchmarking Survey. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and you can expect to receive the results in Spring 2020. All data will be kept confidential and reported on an aggregate level. Please contact Sam Richard (sam@ov.vc) at OpenView with any questions.
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