OTC17 Overall Evaluation

Please respond to the following items to best reflect your experience.

* 1. I participated in this session:

* 2. What is your role on campus?

* 3. How did you hear or learn about this conference?

* 4. Overall how would you rate OTC'17?

* 5. Please rate the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Keynote Speaker (Monday - Renee Franzwa)
Keynote Speaker (Tuesday - Martha Kanter)
Keynote Speaker (Wednesday - Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley)
Conference Content
Registration Process
Food & Beverage
Scheduling & Timing
WiFi availability
Comfort (room size, temperature, seating)

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* 7. Did the conference fulfill your reason for attending?

* 8. Based on your experience at this event, how likely are you to attend OTC'18?

* 9. What session topic(s) would you like to see included in the OTC'18 program?

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