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1. Welcome to the survey on health and safety of health workers in COVID-19

Dear colleague,
This survey aims to identify the most common occupational risks for the health and safety of health workers and the measures for their prevention in the context of the ongoing pandemic of Corona Virus Infectious Disease (COVID-19).
In this survey we are interested in the health and safety of all health workers - all people engaged in the promotion, protection or improvement of the health of the population. This includes health workers involved in direct patient care, both formal and informal, in public and private facilities, including traditional medicine, as well as other assisting and supporting staff, including administration, management, ambulance drivers, public health workers, community health workers, and others.
The survey is intended for health workers, managers, and practitioners providing services for protecting the health and safety of workers in health facilities. The results will be used to inform action at all levels for improving the protection of health and safety of health workers in the ongoing response to COVID-19.
The survey has been developed by an international group of experts convened by the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization and should take approximately 7 minutes to complete.
Your answers are completely confidential, and the data will be processed and analyzed in a way that will not link your answers to your identity.
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