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* 1. The training will provide strategies to implement on a daily basis in the school setting that will reduce the likelihood of challenging behavior in all students.  The training is a whole group, all-staff training designed to be presented to general education teachers, special education teachers, paraprofessionals, and even support staff. 

Everyday strategies for classroom behavior management
  • Tier I behavior management ideas
  • How to make existing strategies more effective
  • How to prevent challenging behavior in the classroom
  • How to increase the behaviors teachers want to see more of
The training will not cover specific interventions for a single child in the school district but rather strategies that can be implemented with a wide number of students in the district.  The majority of the strategies discussed are preventative strategies that are designed to reduce the likelihood of challenging behavior.  However, strategies to alleviate current challenging behavior, and reduce the future likelihood of the same behavior will also be discussed.  

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* 2.
Mary Ann Shepherd, PhD. specializes in working with children with Autism and Pediatric Developmental Disabilities utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Dr. Shepherd completed an internship at The May Institute School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, as well as, the School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders.  Following her internship at The May Institute, Dr. Shepherd completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship through the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in the Pediatric Developmental Disabilities Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland.  
In addition to the doctoral training in school psychology, Dr. Shepherd is a Licensed Health Service Provider in the State of Oklahoma, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

Currently, Dr. Shepherd provides consultation and training to school districts and families in Oklahoma regarding the development and implementation of function-based interventions utilizing ABA principles to reduce behavioral disruptions in the classroom and increase skill deficits.  

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* 3. The Oklahoma Parents Center (OPC) in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Department of Education - State Personnel Development Grant (OSDE-SPDG) are providing this training to school districts at NO COST. 

Your school will provide: Contact information for all school staff (name and email address) as well as provide the time, space, and technology your staff need to participate.  Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring staff participation in training sessions.

The OPC will provide:  Presenter, online Zoom format, electronic (or print) handouts, door prize (to be mailed), and help with scheduling. 

Do you understand what your responsibility will be as a school district if you choose to schedule a training?

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* 4. Please understand that this is a school-wide training for all-staff are encouraged to attend; however, only certified staff are required. 

These are intervention strategies to help prevent problem behaviors that happen school-wide (cafeteria, playground, classroom, bus) and all staff can benefit from this training.


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* 5. Currently in-person training sessions are not available.  However, we are offering two virtual options for school districts to choose from!

Option #1 -- 100% live training via Zoom 
         Live Zoom training on Universal Behavior Management (3 hours)

Option #2 -- 75% recorded training via OkEDGE & 25% live training via Zoom
         3 Recorded training sessions (1 hour each) on Universal Behavior Management
         1 Live Zoom training session (1 hour) Q & A

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* 6. Please provide your contact information.

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* 7. List your date preference in order with your top pick being first.  Please be aware that dates need to be at least 4 weeks away from today's date!

Please list all dates that your School District has available for a Professional Development Day.

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* 8. Please list your estimated total number of participants from your School District.