We need your feedback!

The Township of Oro-Medonte would like to better understand how important the Community Information Guide is to you as a way to get information about your community. Provide your input by Friday, June 16th.

* 1. When looking for information about the Township and the programs and services it offers, which source do you use most often?

* 2. Do you read the printed, paper copy of the Guide or do you read it online?

* 3. If you read a printed, paper copy, how do you receive it?

* 4. How long do you keep the printed, paper copy of the Guide in your home/business? If this varies, please select the most common time frame.

* 5. How much of the Community Information Guide do you read?

* 6. How many editions of the Guide should be produced (printed and/or online) each year?

* 7. Should the Township continue to produce a printed, paper copy of the Guide?

* 8. Are certain editions more important to you than
others? Please indicate which and explain why.

* 9. How important are specific sections of the Guide
to you? (3 = very important; 2 = important;
1 = somewhat important; 0 = not important at all).

  Not Important At All Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Live (i.e. volunteering, fire safety, tax bill due dates, water services, road works, by-laws).
Work (i.e. job opportunities, business support information, success stories).
Play (i.e. recreation programs, kids’ camps, parks & trails, community events & facilities).

* 10. If you do read the Guide, are there any topics you don’t believe are necessary to include?

* 11. If you don’t read the Guide, are there topics that might prompt you to do so?

* 12. What is your age?

* 13. Additional comments: