Survey Description, Purpose and Need

Integrated Care is a general term that reflects many different approaches to blending primary health care or specialty medical services with behavioral health (mental health and addiction) services. There are many ways to blend these clinical services, reflected in names such as “Collaborative Care,” “Integrated Clinic," and "Patient-Centered Medical Home," among others. It is vitally important that we understand and use these approaches to improve integration  because about half of all mental health care for common psychiatric disorders is provided in primary care settings; adults with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders have higher rates of chronic physical illnesses and die earlier than the general population; adults with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders do not seek out care for physical illness as consistently as the general population; and people with common physical health conditions have higher rates of mental health issues.

Integrated approaches help both those seeking health care services and their providers. They blend the expertise of behavioral health and primary care clinicians with the lived experiences of patients and their caregivers who support them. This creates a team-based, patient-centered approach that can provide the highest possible level of health care.

A collaborative of statewide physician groups and provider organizations is interested in determining the presence of any and all forms of primary care and behavioral health integration in Ohio. The goal is to identify the various approaches and models being used, common themes, similarities and differences, sizes, geographic distribution, etc. in order to develop a statewide repository of data. This repository, in turn, will be used to support and expand Integrated Care and to identify concerns, challenges, and implementation barriers to be addressed with payors, policymakers and others.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be very helpful to our endeavor. On behalf of the collaborating organizations identified below, we very much appreciate you and your staff taking the time to complete the survey.

Please respond as soon as possible prior to May 15, 2018

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