The Okanagan Humane Society Registered Charity # 1083005-54

The Okanagan Humane Society (OHS) is a Registered Charity founded in 1996.  100% Volunteer, OHS will assist with access to subsidized low/cost spay, neuter, vaccination and de-worming, plus permanent identification of owned and un-owned cats (mainly),  and some dogs and other small animals. 

OHS is 100% Volunteer run and supported exclusively by donations. To Donate please Visit Okanagan Humane Society Website

New members and volunteers are welcome.

Facebook page: Okanagan Humane Society FB Page

OHS is also a founding member of the Okanagan Cat Coalition (OKCC)  which is an umbrella organization of animal welfare charities, veterinarians and residents  working with the public to permanently solve the existing cat crisis in the Okanagan. OKCC is a coalition of registered animals charities, non-profit groups, Veterinarians and concerned citizens.   OkanaganCatCoalition FB Page

Together with OKCC, OHS assists by spaying and neutering cats and kittens then re-homing or releasing them into a safe environment to live out their lives without perpetuating the overpopulation problem. 

Once we receive this report a volunteer will contact you normally within 24-72 hours by phone or email (these fields are mandatory) to discuss the situation and attempt to create a plan for the situation.  Please indicate if there is an emergency situation.  OHS will assist only as volunteer and financial resources permit.  

YOU can assist by:

1. Reporting cats and kittens living and reproducing with no apparent owner which needing to be rescued, spayed or neutered.
2. Volunteering to rescue, foster, transport, manage.
3. Providing food  and supplies for foster homes, and to build shelters, donate litter boxes, traps or other supplies. 
4. Fostering & Adopting or care-taking on your property once cats are fixed.
5. Donating funds to The Okanagan Humane Society for a tax deductible receipt to help pay for veterinary costs of spays, neuters and ID for homeless cats and receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.