The Alliance on Homelessness is working with the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition to build on the knowledge collected last year from organizations in Ottawa that respond to the needs of homeless community members.  The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition is interested in further information specific to Indigenous community members.  

The following survey is organized into four key areas: 

a. Details about your organization
b. Demographic information about the Indigenous community members you serve
c. Programming held on-site,  referrals made to outside organizations and gaps in services
d. Indigenous staffing and staffing supports

The information gathered from your survey will help us understand how Indigenous individuals are served by the housing and homelessness sector, how Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers interact and how we can improve the overall services and supports to Indigenous community members.

Once your survey has been submitted, your name will be removed and any information you share about your program/organization will be recategorized according to the type of services and supports and/or population being served. 

Any information you share will be stored safely in password-protected folders at the Alliance to End Homelessness and the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition and will only be accessible to designated Alliance and AOC staff and research assistants for this project. 

The survey will take about 10-20 minutes.  Thank you for taking the time to do this survey. You are helping contribute to a better, more coordinated response in supporting Indigenous community members in Ottawa.     The final report will be made available to everyone who filled out the survey.

Question Title

* Organizational Information

Question Title

* Program Inventory

12% of survey complete.