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Thank you for your interest in our nutrition education materials. We're always happy to be a resource.

The following survey list some of our most requested nutrition education materials.  Many of the materials we distribute support our partners in direct education at health fairs, workshops, youth camps, and cooking classes. Some providers like to post nutrition education materials around their clinics, community centers, or school settings to remind their participates and staff to eat and drink healthy, and do physical activities.   We hope the materials you request will be helpful to your community, too!

Please complete the survey to request for materials you would like and specify how many in each available language.

In addition to requesting materials from our office, here are some materials you can download, print, and distribute widely.  Most are in multiple languages!

Cook Well - Live Better!  Cooking Class Curriculum:
Harvest of the Month link:
10 tips in English link:
10 tips in Spanish link:
10 tips in Asian languages link:

Re-Think Your Drink (RYD) Downloadable PDF Handouts
RYD How Much Sugar?:
RYD Drink Label Cards:
RYD Nutrition Facts Scavenger Hunt:
RYD Show Me the Sugar!: