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The Norwich Terrier Club of America (NTCA) Health Committee is pleased to conduct this survey questionnaire that explores the health, morbidity, and mortality of the Norwich Terrier. The questions are organized by organ systems (e.g., cardiology, respiratory) or when multiple systems are involved, by discipline (e.g. oncology, infectious diseases, immune-mediated disorders). Complete this survey for your Norwich Terrier, whether alive or deceased. 

This survey pertains to ONE dog. If you have more than one Norwich Terrier, please complete a separate survey for each dog. You may assign an identifier to keep track of your dogs (e.g., Name, or Dog 1, Dog 2).

Your participation is voluntary and your individual responses will be confidential.  The estimated time to complete this survey is approximately 7 minutes. The results will be tabulated and summary statistics will be posted on the NTCA website, and emailed to respondents who provide their email address at the end of this survey.

Kindly complete the survey before August 31, 2021.

Health Committee
Norwich Terrier Club of America
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