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The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida's third annual Nonprofit Works conference will take place in Jacksonville, Florida on June 21, 2018. This event will bring together nonprofit staff and Board members of all sizes and mission areas to challenge thinking, explore new ideas, and provide nonprofits with the tools and connections they need to strengthen their impact in the community. The Nonprofit Works Conference was first held in June 2016 and has consistently attracted more than 200 nonprofit professionals. 
The theme for Nonprofit Works 2018 is Future + Forward. What does the future hold for the nonprofit sector? How can organizations and professionals be prepared for uncertain times ahead? The conference aims to leave attendees inspired and energized. Our Keynote speaker this year is Kim Klein, noted for her work in grassroots fundraising.
Nonprofit Works 2018 will be held at The Jessie Ball duPont Center, one of Jacksonville’s architectural jewels that provides offices for nonprofits and gathering spaces for the community in an energy-efficient environment with state-of-the-art technology.

The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida is seeking proposals from engaging presenters for 60-90 minute workshops and presentations related to the tracks outlined below. Presentations should cover a variety of skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and be designed for nonprofit professionals, executive leadership, and/or Board members. 
The Nonprofit Center is especially interested in proposals that are innovative, cutting edge, research based, and will spark ideas that challenge the status quo. Submissions will be evaluated through this lens, as well as how closely the proposal aligns with the theme for the conference.

Below we have listed the 2018 Tracks and beside each you will see some ideas for session topics within each track, these are not required topics but intended to help guide your efforts:
  • Mission & Strategy -  Strategic Planning, Communicating/Marketing Your Mission, Engaging Diverse Communities, Mission Creep
  • Impact & Evaluation - Strengthening Your Theory of Change, Using Data to Show Impact, Equitable Evaluation, New Ways of Using Technology, Evaluating Impact for Smaller Organizations
  • Insight & Courage - Advocacy, Power Dynamics & Ethics, Risk Management, Change Management
  • Organization and Talent - Staffing for the Future, Scaling/Growth Strategies, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Innovative Partnerships/Resource Sharing, Organizational Culture
  • Funding - Types of Capital & How to Build Them, Funding Overhead, New Approaches to Fundraising
  • Board Governance - Board Diversity, Board Pitfalls, Governance Models, Best Practices and/or New Approaches to Building a Strong Board 
Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis until 5 p.m. on March 9, 2018.
Our team will be in contact with all applicants by March 23, 2018. 

For any additional information or questions, please contact Callan Brown at or by phone at 904-425-1831.

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