Thank you for taking the 2017 Benchmarking WG Survey.

The Node.js Benchmarking Working Group (WG) is responsible for the performance benchmarks Node.js runs and utilizes to assess the performance quality of each build and release of Node.js. With support from the Node.js End User Feedback team, the Benchmarking Working Group has a series of questions that will help prioritize the efforts of the benchmarking team in 2018. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Estimated level of effort: 10 minutes.

Note that the results and collected data will be posted to . Any information that you would like to share, but exclude from the public dataset, can be sent to

If you have any comments, questions, or would like to help Node.js gather further user feedback, please do so on

* 1. How many Node.js applications does your organization have in production? [select one]

* 2. What version of Node.js do you currently use for production? [select all that apply]

* 3. If you are not using the 8.x LTS release when are you planning to upgrade to that version?

* 4. What is your primary use case for Node? (Detailed descriptions of use cases)

* 5. What are the top 5 Node modules that you use most often?

* 6. Do you have infrastructure in place for tracking performance on your applications?

* 7. If you're tracking performance, which applications do you track performance on?

* 8. What kind of language dialect do you use?

* 9. What type of optimization passes do you run on your JavaScript before you deploy it to Node.js?

* 10. Have you experienced performance regressions when upgrading Node.js versions?

* 11. Where do you report performance regressions if you see them?

* 12. What's your preferred way to write asynchronous code?

* 13. Which Node.js features, if any, do you believe affect your applications’ performance the most?

* 14. What tools do you use to investigate performance issues?

* 15. What command line options do you use to investigate performance issues?

* 16. Do you have use cases where you cannot use Node.js because it is single threaded?

* 17. Please list the use cases

* 18. Would a worker model where additional threads are available but data is exchanged as messages or shared array buffers for your applications be useful to the applications you are building?

* 19. Is startup time important to your use case?

* 20. Please list use cases for which startup time is important

* 21. Do garbage collector or optimizer pauses cause problems for your application?

* 22. How long are the pauses that you observe and in what use cases?

* 23. If you had to choose one, would you want the Node.js community to improve?

* 24. Which JavaScript language/Node.js features would you like to see optimized next?