Public Survey Purpose

The Newtown Meadow Preserve, a 50-acre site, was acquired by Newtown Township for use as a nature preserve. It is located within the Ridley Creek watershed. The Preserve currently has many invasive grass and shrub species, however native plants can be found. The Township seeks to transform the site into a nature preserve with walking trails for educational and recreational purposes.

The proposed trails for the Newtown Meadow Preserve will connect to the Goshen Road and Liseter walking trails, offering a unique destination via the Township's current trail system.

The Preserve's wide-open, rolling, topography is well-suited for passive recreational activities that are compatible with preservation of the site. Other Preserve activities, such as bird watching, landscape photography/painting, and environmental education, will be harmonious with these recreational activities.

In addition to the passive recreational activities, the Preserve will present opportunity for environmental education. Students from The Episcopal Academy, the Marple Newtown School District and other schools could use the Preserve to study native flora and fauna.

You are invited to be part of the design process by telling us about yourself and your recreational habits, and what you would like to see happen at Newtown Meadow Preserve. Obtaining feedback from the community about the use of the Preserve is vital to the planning process. We would appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. It should require only 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

The survey will be available from June 8, 2017 until Oct 12, 2017. Surveys are not identified by name and your responses will be confidential. All responses will be compiled together and analyzed as a group, and results will be a part of the master plan and will be posted on the Newtown Township website.

This survey is being conducted by Newtown Township and Simone Collins Landscape Architecture, consultants to the Township.

For more information please contact Cathy Spahr, Newtown Township at