Seeking community feedback...

Hi there, my name is Patrick Shea, and I'm the new Campus Pastor here at Trinity|Newaygo on the corner of 88th and M-37 in Newaygo. I'm new to the region, and so I'd love to hear a little of your story about church and God and what you see as the greatest need in this region. For me, I love Jesus, and I love this area and the people here, and I want to join in with what He is already doing to bring about hope and transformation to people in Newaygo county.

So, would you take just 5 minutes to help me learn a little about who you are and what's already happening here? I'd so appreciate it, and I look forward to learning, serving, and being a part of helping this region thrive! Thanks!

* 1. Are you an active member of a nearby church?

* 2. What do you think is the greatest need of this region

* 3. Why do you think most people do not go to church?

* 4. If you were looking for a church, what kind of things would you look for?

* 5. What advice would you give me as a pastor of a new church campus?