1. Introduction

Thank you for participating in this Landscape assessment. Your participation and feedback is very important to the team working to develop a profile of the New England Synod, that will be used to guide our synod in the identification, election, and ministry of our next bishop, to be elected in June of 2024.

Please do not discuss the questions with one another prior to completing the questionnaire, so that the responses you record are your own. Please give your impression as it is now, even if you feel that your opinions are not well informed and could change by talking with others. Use the “Don’t Know” response only in those rare cases where you have no impression at all.

You will need 15 to 20 minutes to fill out the entire survey and to make comments. You cannot save your responses and return to the survey later, so please complete the survey in one sitting. Otherwise, you must start over from the beginning.

Thank you for your time, your thoughts, and your continued prayers.