Thank you for taking this survey! It should take you less than ten minutes. Your input is essential to helping Metro Transit understand the type of transit network to implement.
The main objective of the Transit Network Redesign process is to design a bus network to better meet the needs of residents and businesses. This involves determining where buses go, how often they come, and what time service begins and ends. The results will have a big impact on where people can get to on transit and how fast they can get there.

Improving transit has benefits for the whole community. It affects traffic, development, the economy, the environment, and racial and social justice. During this redesign, we will have to make some hard decisions. Metro Transit doesn’t have more money to run more service, so we will have to balance different goals to make our service as effective as possible for as many people as possible.

That’s where you come in! Only you can tell us what type of network is most useful for our community. We want to hear from everyone, regardless of how often you use Metro Transit service.

Input received from the public in the first phase of the project was used to develop two contrasting network alternatives, the Ridership Alternative and Coverage Alternative. Both alternatives are realistic but neither alternative is a proposal. They are intended to show the extremes of what might be possible in Madison to illustrate the potential network designs resulting from different policy decisions.

The future bus rapid transit lines are included in both alternatives. Visit the Metro Rapid project website for more:

The purpose of this survey is to gather input on how Metro Transit should balance competing design tradeoffs in order to best serve the community. Your feedback will help us develop the Draft Network Plan in Fall 2021.

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