Introductory Notes

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in our survey. Please allow me to make a short introduction on what we ask you to do.

As you know, Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) were developed to combine and integrate navigation functions and information to assist seafarers in planning, monitoring, and controlling the safety of navigation. To make navigation systems even better, we wish to understand how you - the seafarers - are working with the equipment, so that we together can provide input to a more user-friendly design.

For that purpose, we ask you to rate how frequently you use the navigation functions. You will see all 64 standard features provided by INS. We ask you to rate based on your personal experience.
The survey does NOT involve providing personal identity; you will enter the survey anonymously. All collected data will be kept confidential, only members of the research team have secure access.

It might take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete the whole survey, which is why I suggest having a cup of coffee while doing so. Finally, there is a consent form on the end of the survey we wish you to read through (Ethics Ref No: H0016285).

Thank you for reading this note. I hope you enjoy the coffee and our survey.

P.S. The research team consists of Prof. Margareta Lutzhoft ( and Mr Viet Dung Vu ( from the Australian Maritime College (both former seafarers). Please feel free to contact us should you have any enquiry.
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