Leadership Institute Application

Deadline for Submissions: May 1, 2017

The NYSPA Leadership Institute was an initiative of 2010 President Jerold Grodin, PhD in fulfilling his commitment to grow new leaders and supporting early career psychologists. The Inaugural class was selected by the committee and mentored through the programs development. This class will be an integral part of the success of future leadership classes as they will assist in the evolution of the experience and then as alumni of the program recruit nominees for leadership candidates.

The mission of the Institute is to develop leadership within the profession to carry out ongoing efforts and develop new initiatives as the profession changes. It is vital to the profession’s survival and growth that there is united representation and a reinforcement of involvement from psychologists in legislation, regulations, scope of practice, and professional advancements.  As the Associations membership ages and fewer early career professionals are getting involved, the professional representation enters a crisis stage. The NYSPA Leadership Institute will prepare a select group of outstanding professionals to advance the profession of psychology and lead the association in the future. By introducing these individuals to all areas of the association process and professional enhancement opportunities, the Leadership Institute provides for NYSPA a group of future leaders that have been exposed and mentored to help our profession meet future challenges.

NYSPA will invest financial resources and time to make sure that the Institute candidates have opportunities to participate in meaningful experiences that will assist in their leadership growth. Upon completion of the program the graduate will then be expected to select an area of the association to become involved and eventually vie for an elected position with the organization. Future participation could be within divisions, committees or as an elected officer of the association. Alumni of the program will also be expected to continually recruit new members to NYSPA by being an enthusiastic and positive example of the benefit of association membership.

Who should apply
Applicants to the Leadership Institute should be motivated and driven to achieve excellence. A candidate for the Leadership Institute can be an early career (including post-doctoral positions) or mid-career professional that is ready to take advantage of a fast-track introduction to NYSPA and the many areas that support and strengthen the profession. There should be an understanding of the time commitment involved with being a leader, however, it will be up to the individual to know their own limitations and commit time as they are able throughout their lifetime. All leaders within the Association have support from a full staff in Central Office.

The Leadership Institute assumes a desire to grow professionally and the will to lead, and devotes its curriculum to providing opportunities for such growth while being mentored by seasoned and respected professionals. The curriculum includes opportunities to be involved with committees that address economic and political environments that effect the profession of psychology, public education, continuing education, and professional ethics.

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* 6. Professional Affiliations
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* 7. Civic Affiliations/Engagement
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* 11. What are your areas of professional interest?

* 12. Where do you see your career in 5 years? 10 years?  Incorporate in your response how leadership development with NYSPA will benefit your personal and career goals?  What ideas do you have about a potential leadership role for yourself in NYSPA, as the Leadership Institute was designed in large part as a pipeline to get more psychologists into prominent leadership positions within the organization?
Include as much detail as you feel would be helpful in the selection process.

* 13. What are the skills which you feel you need mentoring in order to improve your leadership effectiveness?  What self-doubts do you bring to leadership?
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* 14. When you consider this professional commitment to the NYSPA Leadership Institute, what concerns would you like to discuss with us? (We're eager to listen).
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* 15. Participation Agreement

By submitting this application, I understand that I will commit the time required and offer my full participation and engagement if I am selected to participate in the NYSPA Leadership Institute. I agree to continue to maintain my membership in NYSPA, participate in the Leadership Institute Alumni Network, and assume a leadership role of my choosing during the year following my Leadership Fellow status.