NWP Coal Canada is excited to gather information about how we are doing with our communication with you! We have been working on our Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project for a decade now. We started the regulatory process in 2014 and really ramped up our public engagement late in 2020. 
NWP will use this survey to understand what you know about us and how our communication efforts are working so far. That will tell us what we can improve on to help you understand our Project better.
The survey includes 11 questions:
  • 4 about what you know and what you want to know
  • 2 about input and knowledge of Project changes
  • 2 about you
  • 3 follow-up - including an invitation to enter your name in a draw

The survey should take under 5 minutes to complete. NWP will keep the survey live until June 30, 2023. We will publish the survey results to our website, share them with regional groups, and include a summary of the results in an upcoming newsletter.

Question Title

Two NWP staff standing on the mountain side smiling warmly.
14% of survey complete.