The National Workplace Bullying Coalition is seeking success stories - true stories from people who were bullied at work, and who have successfully overcome the challenges this traumatic experience brings.

We are looking for true stories about your extraordinary experience with workplace bullying and how you navigated and ultimately overcame it. We are looking for stories that will touch the readers - other targets of workplace bullying - and help them discover tools and principles they can use in their own life. We are looking for stories filled with emotion, vivid images, and a clear path to resolution.

Your story should be written in first person and have a beginning, a middle and an end. Your story should leave readers feeling more hopeful, empowered and courageous; more ready to overcome bullying just as you did; and better about their circumstances all around.

We have provided questions in order to assist you in creating your story, but you are not required to follow them. The questions are meant to prompt your thinking, but we want to hear your perspective in your own words.

Your story should be no more than 1,500 words. Stories longer than that will not be considered. We suggest writing your story out, and then spending time tightening, tightening and tightening until you reach 1,500 words.

Concise is better. Focus on what you learned and how others can learn from you. You want readers to say, “Wow! Look what that person overcame. If they can do it, I can do it do too.”


We will compile the stories into a published book, available in both hard copy and ebook format.

We also intend to use the stories to develop a deeper understanding of how to navigate workplace bullying and build up self-esteem and self-confidence after the experience has ended, so that we can publish our findings in a peer-reviewed academic journal article.


We will reach out to each selected author individually and invite them to be an author in the book. At that time you will receive further details regarding next steps.


If you have any questions at all about your story, this submission form, our research, or the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, please contact Catherine Mattice, current President of the Coalition and the lead compiler on this project. Catherine's co-compilers include Camay McClure and Susi Haugh.

Catherine can be reached at 619-454-4489 or at Ms. Camay can be reached at, and Susi can be reached at