Inspiring the Future is an exciting free programme for schools across Aotearoa. Based on local and international research, it challenges stereotypes that can limit young people’s potential – by introducing them to role models from the world of work. Find out more about Inspiring the Future.

The Inspiring the Future team are hosting online Inspiring the Future sessions and are inviting schools to express interest for your Year 5 - 8 students to join.

Each 50-minute session will feature two role models who will give an insight into their job and career journey. This is a great opportunity to show students a range of jobs beyond what they see in their everyday lives.

You will need one screen that all of the students can see clearly. You'll also need a teacher or student per screen to take care of things like relaying questions from the rest of the students into the online chat.

If the dates below don't work for your school, you can host your own Inspiring the Future session, or you can express interest in any future online sessions facilitated by us. You can indicate your school's interest in these options below.

Spots for each session are limited and will be first come first served, so make sure you register interest as soon as possible.

Note that we may invite other teachers, stakeholders and our partners to watch these events. If you want to observe one yourself, please let us know.

Any questions - put these in the comment box below or email us at

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* 1. What date can your students join an Inspiring the Future online session?

Please rank in order of preference.

  1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice 4th choice Not available
Term 2 - Tuesday 14 May, 11am - 11.50am
Term 2 - Friday 24 May, 11am - 11.50am
Term 2 - Thursday 6 June, 11.15am - 12.05pm
Term 2 - Monday 17 June, 11.15am - 12.05pm

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* 2. Other options

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* 3. Approximately how many students will attend?

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* 4. What year group are the students?

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* 5. These sessions can be themed by inviting role models who work in specific jobs. This helps connect learning about a topic to the real world. What topics would interest your school for future sessions?

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* 6. Would you be happy to send a link to our online permission form to caregivers, asking if we can record the session and share it for promotional purposes? We require specific permission from caregivers of minors to be able to do this. Physical permission forms are also available.

Your answer will not affect your school's involvement.

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* 7. Contact information