1. Intro Section

Plaza Research is conducting a Nationwide Study for former bartenders in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Chicago, and Miami. These telephone interviews will be ongoing November 21st- December 9th at various times throughout the day ($50 compensation). If you are chosen to continue and participate in mandatory online bulletin board for 4 days (up to 1 hour pay day), you will receive an additional $200. 

If you're interested please answer the questions below. Please note you may be asked to provide proof of previous employment. This study will be recruited by Plaza Research Houston. 

Due to the large response to our surveys, we are only able to contact those that look like a match. Please continue to answer future studies, as you may be a match to those.


* 1. Please provide us with the following information. We will be contacting you by telephone if you seem like a match.

* 2. Alternate Contact number

* 4. Have you EVER been employed as a bartender?

* 5. How long ago were you regularly employed as a bartender?

* 6. How long were you employed as a bartender?

* 7. Please provide us with the Bar/ Restaurant name that you worked for: