Program Introduction

Thank you for your interest in the NTCA's Sponsorship program ("Sponsorship"). We are excited to learn about your project, program, or service that supports community vitality and economic sustainability in the North Lake Tahoe region.

Please provide the requested information. A summary of eligible program/project types is outlined below. In addition, please review ATTACHMENT 1 for detail on sponsorship criteria.

Sponsorship Category Summary
The NTCA seeks to partner with community organizations to support projects, programs, and services in the following categories. Please take note of the preferred investments outlined within each category.

1. Workforce Housing
Preferred investments include the expansion of existing and successful workforce housing programs such as:

- Programs that retain or increase the availability of long-term or seasonal rentals (lease to locals, rental assistance, other.)
- First-time homebuyer assistance programs
- Fee offsets and other efforts to reduce costs during the pre-entitlement and entitlement process o Assistance with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
- Deed restriction programs

Other workforce housing preferred investments include adaptive reuse, property acquisition, the planning and construction of workforce housing projects, and new programs not identified above.

2. Economic Development, Transportation, and Other Priorities – Preferred investments include expanded or enhanced public transportation service, micro-transit 17 service, shuttle service, park and ride, and infrastructure planning/construction within the Resort Triangle, specifically along the SR 89 and SR 267 corridors.

3. Sustainability and Mitigation of Tourism/Maintenance – Preferred investments include trash mitigation, traffic-calming measures, crossing guards, and communication/outreach initiatives to visitors. Other maintenance activities include trail and restroom maintenance activities. Each investment should enhance existing services and be provided during peak visitation periods. The NTCA will consider the emphasis on peak visitation periods for new investments.

4. Trails – Preferred investments include the planning and construction of new trails that support the Resort Triangle as outlined in the Resort Triangle Transportation Plan, The TRPA's Regional Transportation Plan, and the Placer County Parks and Trails Master Plan.

Submittal Deadline - Please complete the Sponsorship LOI by June 15, 2023
33% of survey complete.