North Sydney Council has been providing dog tidy bags in many of its parks for several years to encourage responsible dog ownership, help preserve the local amenity, and reduce water pollution. There has been a recent growth in understanding of the detrimental impacts of plastics, and as a result North Sydney is joining many other councils in looking at compostable and biodegradable alternatives.

Since the end of last year, Council has been trialing bags made from waste corn which, in time, will compost. Unfortunately, it still takes a long time for biodegradable bags to break down and if they end up in our waterways they still are a major threat to marine life so it’s important to always dispose of the bags properly in a bin.

The good news is that the organic waste from North Sydney Council’s red bins is composted in an industrial facility, including these new bags, so you can put the bags in the red bins knowing that they will be composted! We have already received close to 150 completed surveys and the response has so far been overwhelmingly positive to switch to new biodegradable bags.

We have also taken your feedback on board and have now made the bags black, less see through and a little stronger.

Biodegradable bags like this are more expensive. We want to know if you think we should switch to them anyway to help keep our parks and waterways plastic free?

Tell us what you think!

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* 1. These bags more expensive. Should Council switch to these plant based biodegradable bags anyway to help keep our parks and waterways plastic free?

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* 2. What suburb do you live in?

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