The candidate for this award should be an individual  or organization in the New River Valley that has made significant contributions to the betterment of the region. Focus will be on candidates that improve communities through their dedication, collaborative approach and impact. Previous award winners include: 2014- Dr. Charles Steger, Virginia Tech President;  2015- Mr. Ken Anderson, CEO- Anderson & Associates, Inc.; 2016 – Penelope Kyle, JD Radford University President, 2005-2016; 2017- Mr. Woody Crenshaw, Floyd County Entrepreneur.

* 1. Nominator Information

* 2. Nominee Information

* 3. Please provide 2 - 3 examples of what the individual or organization has done to impact the New River Valley.

* 4. What organizations, initiatives, or projects has the nominee been apart of that have impacted the New River Valley?

* 5. Please tell us why you think your nominee should be recognized as exemplifying the NRVRC Citizen of the Valley Award category in 750 words or less. Nominations should include examples of how the candidate contributes within the context of the award category. In addition, you may want to include how the candidate impressed you or has influenced your work.