Thank you for taking 5 to 10 minutes to share your perspective about charitable giving. We have just a few questions about charitable receipts and then some questions about how fundraising managers help develop the skills and confidence of members of their team.

Every question on fundraising or about giving has an option for "Don't Know." Please do your best to complete the survey.

Even if you skip some questions, please click through to the demographics section. Having data about differences by size of organization and region of the country is especially important, and those questions are near the end.

The survey will be open through October 24. If you have questions, please contact Melissa Brown at Melissa@NPResearch.org or at 530-690-5746.

In order to get the results of the survey, please complete every question and wait to be rerouted to sign up for the NRC mailing list. We will email you the report as soon soon as results are available.

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