Earlier this year Calgary City Council approved funding for Heritage Calgary to undertake a Naming, Renaming, and Commemoration Project to develop a framework that organizations and groups can use to guide decision making when considering naming, renaming, commemoration and removal.

Heritage Calgary values community input and the information gathered through this survey will inform the development of the framework. All responses collected will be anonymous. 

Thank you for lending your time and thoughts to contribute to the process.

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Other languages are available upon request.
Please email engagement@heritagecalgary.ca.

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* 1. The Naming, Renaming, and Commemoration Project will engage Calgarians in the development of a framework that community groups, businesses, organizations, and the City of Calgary can use to guide naming, renaming, commemoration, and the removal of commemoration, decisions. Where would you rate the level of importance of this project in the community?

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* 2. The framework would provide guidance for organizations, groups, individuals, businesses and the City of Calgary who are thinking about the naming or renaming of buildings, statues, parks, schools, places, or other resources, or the commemoration, or removal of commemoration, of individuals, events, or practices.

What do you think groups and organizations need to consider when making decisions about naming, renaming, commemoration, or removal of commemoration installations? Please rank the importance of each criteria, with 1 being not important to 5 being very important.

  Not Important Slightly Important Moderately Important Important Very Important
Historical significance and original intention for installation or naming
Harm associated with individual, event, practice
Opportunity for education and awareness (i.e., historical significance, diversity of community, impact for equity-seeking communities)
Alignment with values/principles of community/organization
Identifying if honouring whole person or a single act
Amplifying histories, people, events that have been traditionally undertold or less known
Understanding of the land on which statue/memorial/commemoration is being placed
Engaging with original namers / installers or their community or descendants, when appropriate or possible
Meaning or significance to the current community
Involving community for whom the issue is important
Physical context or location of installation or naming/renaming opportunity
Meaning and significance acquired over time

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* 3. What would you like to tell us about this issue and its importance to you?

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* 4. Do you currently reside in the Calgary area? 

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