About Lyme Resource Centre’s (LRC) Lyme disease experience survey

Lack of information on Lyme disease and its impact makes it difficult to build a case for improvements in diagnosis, treatment and care. This online survey begins to gather information on the impact of Lyme disease in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. We would like to hear from people with any experience of Lyme disease, whether mild or severe, fully recovered or with ongoing symptoms (one response per individual case only). If there have been multiple instances of Lyme disease, tell us about the most relevant occasion.
Participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous - respondents are not required to disclose their identity. The survey should take 20-30 minutes (complex cases may take a little longer) and ideally completed in a single session. For ease of visualisation, we recommend the survey is completed on a PC or tablet device. We would advise having relevant medical information, dates etc. close at hand when answering questions.  It may be helpful to review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the survey before starting. Note that publicly funded health services are referred to as NHS for UK and HSE for Republic of Ireland. 
By submitting responses to this survey, respondents consent to LRC analysing, publishing and using data collected in the course of the charity’s work and in line with our LRC Privacy Policy. To find about more about this survey or for more information on LRC, please visit LRC Website.
This survey is copyright of LRC and survey authors.
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