Survey Introduction

Your input is an important part of the Maple Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Plan Update process. As a community, you can decide how the heritage resources in the HCD will be conserved, and how the area will change and evolve over time. Your input at this stage of the HCD Plan will help to create the policies and guidelines that all property owners in the HCD and the municipality will abide by.

The purpose of this survey is to help us understand what you want to prioritize. Do you want the HCD policies to focus more broadly on retaining the overall streetscape character and visual quality of the historic core? Or is it more important to you that the HCD provides detailed guidance on how to retain, repair, and restore historical architectural details? Your answers to the questions below will help guide us. The questions below can’t capture every detail of an HCD, but they will help us get started. You will have an opportunity to comment on the draft policies and guidelines when they are completed so don’t worry – we will check back with you!

Keep the following definitions in mind when you answer the questions:

High Priority: Conservation of this element should be a high priority in the HCD. Original elements should be retained wherever possible, and replacements should be as similar to the original as possible in type, materials, and appearance.

Medium Priority: Conservation of this attribute could be more flexible than prescribed; this attribute can withstand more changes without effecting the overall character of the HCD.

Low Priority: There should be more guidelines than policy for this element. Changes to this attribute would not detract from the overall quality of the HCD or would be more temporary/reversible than other attributes.

For more information regarding the project, and to download a copy of the Public Open House 2 materials, please see the project website:  City of Vaughan Maple HCD Update:  Maple Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Update webpage  (link will open a new window). 

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* 1. Are you (check the most appropriate response for the Heritage Conservation District (HCD):

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* 2. Do you agree with the revised Core Maple Heritage Conservation District (HCD) boundary, as shown in the Public Open House 2 materials? (see link above)

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* 3. Does the use of the Community Planning Permit System (CPPS) make sense to you for the area outside the Core Maple HCD boundary? Please see this link for additional information on CPPS: Community Planning Permit System (CPSS) - Ontario Government (link will open a new window)

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