Through their passion for this special place, local people, businesses, organisations and others are making huge efforts to look after and improve the Yorkshire Dales National Park. But what do YOU think our priorities should be over the coming years? What are the critical things we need to be doing now to help shape this place for future generations?

This will only take a few minutes to complete with the priorities to rank below followed by a quick couple of questions about you. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us.

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* 1. A list of potential priorities for the future of the National Park is set out below. Please pick the ones that are most important to you, with number 1 being your most important choice, followed by your second choice, third choice and so on. You may only select 6 priorities, giving a different priority rating for each (anymore than that will result in previous selections being removed, any less and the survey can't be completed).

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Increase the supply of affordable housing
Protect rare and threatened species, including ending illegal persecution of birds of prey
Keep the rights of way network in good condition, and improve options for cycling and other sustainable outdoor recreation activity
Help younger people to live/work in the National Park.
Repair, restore and re-use traditional stone field barns
Restore scheduled monuments, listed buildings, and other heritage features and support local cultural traditions
Reduce the impact of second homes and holiday lets
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from homes and businesses, including farming
Reduce pollution and improve the water quality in rivers and streams
Improve the availability and frequency of public transport and reduce the impacts of visitor travel to and within the National Park
Increase natural carbon stores by planting new woodland, restoring peatland, and improving soil management
Protect the National Park’s dark night skies from light pollution.
Support upland livestock farming and land management to improve business viability and provide a wider range of public benefits
Help nature to recover by creating, restoring and connecting important habitats
Improve resilience to the impacts of climate change, including  wildfire, flooding and new pests and diseases
Support the National Park’s distinctive tourism economy by encouraging people to stay longer and come ‘out of season’
Provide opportunities for people from a wider range of backgrounds and abilities to access the National Park for health and wellbeing
Encourage new, green businesses to locate in the National Park

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* 2. Are there any significant things that aren’t included in the list above?  Please provide details below.