Read this First

Welcome to the latest "Who Pays For What?" survey, conducted quarterly
by Collision Advice and CRASH Network
Please review this page first.

Will I get the results? Yes, for free. The only contact information you must provide is your state and zip code. However, those who provide a valid email address will be notified directly as soon as the results are available.

Your Privacy
: Your shop's individual responses will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be released in any way. Only cumulative data will be released. 

Who should complete the survey? The survey should be completed by the shop owner, manager or estimator who is most familiar with your shop's billing practices and the payment practices of the largest national insurers. 

What about multiple shop locations? For multiple locations of your business, have each location complete its own survey, and identify each location with a distinct city and zip code.

How long will it take? The survey will take about 15-30 minutes to complete. Click here for a sample of the types of questions you will be asked in this survey. If you would like to download the question set for review prior to beginning the survey click here.

Questions? Please do not use the comment boxes for any questions to which you would like to receive a response. Instead, email us directly at or

Thank you for participating!