Are we on the right track at Moore Park East? Help us with our six quick question survey.

Dear Friends

We’ve engaged leading architect Alex Kibble to create a Vision for Moore Park and we’d like your thoughts and ideas – see our Vision here.

The Vision is based on ideas from the as-yet-unfunded 2016 Moore Park Masterplan.

Why have we done this?

 To show the enormous potential this area has for meeting different community needs and to highlight what we are missing out on while Professional Sport continues to demand that on-grass car parking continue.

We recently presented our Vision to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, and told him we’d be seeking your views.

A few things to keep in mind:

1.      Did you know Professional Sport is receiving $828 million for the new 44,000 seat stadium on Moore Park’s doorstep, yet there’s a dire shortage of training and playing fields for Junior and Community Sport in inner Sydney? So, Professional Sport’s demand for convenient parking for patrons comes at the expense of Community Sport’s needs for somewhere to train and play.

2.      There are about 4,000 car spots within one kilometre of the entrance to the new stadium - Entertainment Quarter, the area opposite the Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney Boys’ and Girls’ high schools, Moore Park Golf Club and the ES Marks Athletics Centre. Royal Randwick Racecourse has offered to make its car parks available on non-race days.

3.       Car spaces on the northern part of Moore Park East comprise only 20% of available spots.

4.      The SCG uses Moore Park for parking on average 60 days per year but the damage to grasslands means community use on the other 305 days is seriously impaired.

5.      The new 60,000 seat Optus Stadium in Perth has no parking at all.

Question Title

* 1. How often do you use Moore Park for recreation purposes (whether active or passive)?

Question Title

* 2. Should parking be removed from Moore Park

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* 3. Which of the following would encourage you to make greater use of Moore Park than you do at present (tick all that are relevant)

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* 4. Please number from 1 to 5 the order in which you believe the Government should prioritise implementation of the Moore Park Masterplan

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* 5. Is there any part of the Moore Park Masterplan, other than the five items mentioned above, you would like to see implemented?

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* 6. Finally – we’d love your comments on anything to do with Moore Park. How are we doing as we fight on your behalf to preserve and enhance this historic inner Sydney park today, and into the future? Anything we should be focusing on but we’re not? How important is Moore Park to you and/or your family?

Remember – please urge your family and friends to join the 4,000 people who have signed up to our website. Every extra person helps convince the NSW Government that we are serious, we care, and we are not going away until Moore Park is properly funded and treated as vital green space, rather than a carpark.
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