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Help spread the voices of youth about work, rights and the coronavirus outbreak

Everyone, everywhere is entitled to the protection and promotion of his or her human rights, from the right to education and health, to rights at work.

The Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth is an alliance of multiple partners both within and beyond the United Nations. In these extraordinary times, partners of the Global Initiative including the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth, AIESEC, the European Youth Forum, the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the United Nations Human Rights Office and the International Labour Organization are coming together to help measure the coronavirus outbreak's impact on youth with a focus on employment and education. Learn more about our work at www.decentjobsforyouth.org

-the survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete
-participation is fully voluntary and you can stop or withdraw from the survey at any time
-responses are strictly confidential
-you must be over 18 years of age to answer the survey
-if you have any questions pertaining to the survey, you can contact decentjobsforyouth@ilo.org