What is this survey?

What is this survey?
This is a survey about changes that can happen to a woman’s body as she gets older. Another name for these changes is menopause.

You can choose
• To do this survey.
• Not to do this survey.
• A person to support you to do this survey.
• To ask a person that you trust to help you.

Who made this survey?
SHFPACT made this survey.
Another name for SHFPACT is Sexual Health Family Planning ACT made this survey.

Why did SHFPACT make this survey?
SHFPACT want to make information about menopause.

The information is for
• People intellectual disability
• Health workers, families and carers who support them.

The survey will help make the information that people need most.

What do I have to do to take part in the survey?
Answer the questions. The questions ask you
• What you may know about menopause.
• What you know about getting older
• How you may have learnt about menopause.

What about my privacy?
This survey is private.
We will not share any information about you.
The only people who will see your answers are the staff at SHFTPACT.

We will only ask you your name if you would like do more on this project.
It is your choice if you tell us your name.
Your name and your answers are always kept in different places.

As we are using an overseas owned online survey provider, information is stored overseas and is subject to the laws and legislation of the country in which it is stored; this may be significantly different to Australian laws and legislation. As such, confidentiality of data entered into online surveys cannot be guaranteed by the study team.

Thank you for participating.