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Thank you for taking the Napa County Older Adults Needs Assessment (NOAA) survey. In September 2022, the Napa County Board of Supervisors recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly harmed our county’s older adults (ages 60 and above). The Supervisors then voted to work with several organizations to assess the needs of our older adults, in light of the pandemic, and develop an action plan to identify ways to build resilience among older adults and ensure we’re better prepared for future catastrophes.

It’s extremely important for all Napa County older adults to take this survey. Whether you live here full-time or part-time, we need your input to help our community plan programs and services to meet the needs of all of us as we age.
This survey will take about an hour to complete, an important investment of time spent on improving the lives of older adults in your community. Please know that this survey does not ask you to identify your name, so we will not know which responses are yours. We value your privacy and assure you that all responses will be anonymous.
If you are an ADULT AGE 60 OR OLDER, please answer the following questions for YOURSELF. If you are completing this survey ON BEHALF OF AN OLDER ADULT AGE 60 OR OLDER, please answer the following questions for THAT OLDER ADULT. Please complete this survey by June 30, 2023, 11:59 p.m.
If you have any questions, please contact us at info@NapaOlderAdultsAssessment.org
or call us at 707-253-4248. Thank you for investing your time to ensure that the voices of Napa County’s older adults are heard.
To learn more about the Napa County Older Adults Assessment (NOAA) or to register to participate in an upcoming focus group, please visit https://communityhealthnapavalley.org/noaa/
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