LatAm Alliance member organizations may participate in this Working Council.  We seek to involve organizations and their executives that are highly aligned with the overall interests and ambitions of the LatAm Alliance Working Council participants. 

The focus and efforts of the council are driven by the buy-side membership and delivered with the support and active involvement of the service provider/advisor members.

Before you complete the provider/advisor survey questions, it might be useful to read through the survey the buy-side members have been asked to complete. Click here to take the buy-side survey.

This survey serves two main purposes; first, to identify the topics or areas that provider/advisor members can support and offer expertise on and second, to evaluate the value our membership offers. Please take 5 minutes to provide some feedback so we can better assist you.

* 2. Please provide your contact information so we can identify you and follow-up.

* 3. What is your current title? 

* 4. What is the title of the person you report to? 

* 5. Please indicate your organization’s level of expertise in the following topics related to outsourcing of business processes or IT services to and within Latin America:

  Low Medium High
Providing education/Training related to the outsourcing of business processes or IT services
Teaching about tools/technologies related to the implementation and management of outsourced business processes and/or IT services
Sourcing options, available talent or service-provider capabilities from a specific location
Educating others on how to launch a program
Managing risk
Discussing industry specific issues
Discussing cybersecurity
Discussing governance planning
Identifying outsourcing locations
Educating others how to best identify and/or engage providers
Discussing how to create a culture of compliance and partnership
Discussing best practices

* 6. Other Topics: (Please list and prioritize other topics you would like the Council to address).

* 7. If applicable, please list the different topics you would be able to present a webinar on.

* 8. As a member of the LatAm Alliance, please indicate the level of importance your organization gives to the following membership benefits:

  Low Medium High
Networking at events with buyers
Networking at events with peers and industry leaders
Joining and engaging with the LatAm Alliance LinkedIn group
Ability to demonstrate thought leadership through presenting at events, council meetings and or other partner/industry events (e.g. Outsource2LAC, ANDI, etc.)
Ability to demonstrate thought leadership through contributing to publications such as Outsource Magazine, SIG’s newsletter and blog
Participating in Working Council committees and/or supporting areas of focus, identified by our buy-side members
Contributing to marketing materials for the LatAm region, distributed to all LatAm Alliance and SIG members, e.g. videos, whitepapers, reports
Having your company profile and link to your website on the LatAm Alliance provider directory
Ability to sponsor events or webinars for further thought leadership exposure (requires an additional fee)
Gaining access to special pricing agreements negotiated by the group to benefit the members