SIG LatAm Alliance Working Council Survey Customer/Buy-side

This survey, which should take about 5 minutes to respond to, should be completed by the representative from the customer/buy-side organization that is interested in becoming a Member of the SIG LatAm Alliance Working Council. The person(s) completing this form should provide as much information as possible concerning the candidate organization and their lead representative(s). Please complete the Survey and if you have any questions, contact Rosana Leary at:

* 2. Please provide your contact information so we can identify you and follow-up.

* 3. What is your current title? 

* 4. What is the title of the person you report to?

* 5. Please check the statement below that best describes the state of outsourcing business processes or IT services at your organization:

* 6. My organization believes that suppliers providing business processes or IT services are an asset to our organization and we are committed to being a leader in the implementation of best practices for outsourcing of business processes or IT services:

* 7. Please indicate your organization’s level of interest with the following topics related to the outsourcing of business processes or IT services to and within Latin America:

  Low Medium High
Receiving education/training related to the outsourcing of business processes or IT services
Learning about tools/technologies related to the implementation and management of outsourced business processes and/or IT services
Speaking with a peer in the industry that has begun outsourcing to the LatAm region
Understanding the sourcing options/talent available/provider capabilities from a specific location
Understanding how to launch a program
Managing risk
Hearing industry specific issues
Discussing cybersecurity
Identifying outsourcing locations
Understanding how to best identify and/or engage providers
Creating a culture of compliance and partnership

* 8. Other Topics: (Please list and prioritize other topics you would like the Council to address).