The University of South Carolina Alumni Association is excited to announce availability for alumni to serve our alma mater through the association’s three affinity groups - Black Alumni Council, Veterans Alumni Council and Young Alumni Council. UofSC Alumni Association is seeking engaged and outstanding alumni to fill vacant seats on the leadership boards of each council. Each of these boards have representation that is reflective of the association’s membership and the university’s alumni population, which includes representatives from the Midlands region of South Carolina, representatives from geographic areas where a large number of alumni reside and geographically at-large seats.

Once selected, members serve a two-year term and may be eligible to serve an additional two-year term. The number of vacant seats each year varies based on open positions. The vacant seats available this year are:

·Black Alumni Council: Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Charlotte, NC; Midlands area of SC; and New York, NY 
· Veterans Alumni Council: Midlands area of SC, and New York, NY
· Young Alumni Council: Atlanta, GA; Midlands area of SC; National At-Large; and New York, NY 

Eligibility to serve

· Completion of at least 15 credit hours at the University of South Carolina
· Be a member of the Alumni Association at the time of application
· To serve on the Young Alumni Council, members must be 35 years or younger.
Please note that you will be asked to upload a resume as well as a 300-500 word statement that addresses the following:
  • What prompted your interest in applying for an affinity group council?
  • How do you think a council of engaged alumni can make an impact on South Carolina's black, young or veteran population?
  • What unique characteristics or skills do you possess that you could use in service to the alumni association and university?

Applications are due Thursday, April 30.

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