Sustaining Your NMSI College Readiness Program in Partnership with AdvanceKentucky

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PURPOSE  This application is a first step to establish an affiliation with the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) through the College Readiness Program (CRP) Sustainment Network (SN) by requesting funds to continue selected components of NMSI’s College Readiness Program, which you have been implementing in partnership with AdvanceKentucky.   The goal is to customize a sustainment package based on the school’s priority needs and funding capabilities in order to help sustain ongoing success in student participation and performance and teacher capacity in Advanced Placement (AP) math, science and English (MSE) courses.  As a member of the SN, schools can access selected AdvanceKentucky services and components of the CRP to achieve this purpose.  Acceptance into the Sustainment Network will allow schools access to NMSI online content resources.

COMMITMENTS   Applicants will have well-developed plans for sustaining/increasing enrollment growth and student performance and for budgeting matching funds.  By completing this application, the school agrees to:

-Commit to sustaining enrollment and performance goals;
-Select CRP elements to sustain, based on funding from grant and local matching funds listed in this application;
-Provide detailed implementation plans for how the school will sustain each of its selected CRP elements;
-Continue authorization of data sharing agreements required by College Board to access AP scores online; and
-Provide updates on the chosen sustainment elements as requested.

FUNDING   Schools with a qualifying application will be eligible to receive a $5,000 NMSI Sustainment Grant through AdvanceKentucky, over a one-year period to support the school’s participation in the Sustainment Program. In order for schools to receive this grant, they must contribute $10,000 in local matching.
(Schools seeking a second year of sustainment matching funds must reapply the following year, pending availability of NMSI funding.)

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