Victoria Fromkin Prize for Student Excellence in Phonology

This prize, given for the first time in 2021, is intended to honor the legacy of the late Victoria Fromkin and is funded by a generous gift from Robert Vago. The winner receives an award to defray expenses associated with the participation in the LSA's Annual Meeting and will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony at the LSA Annual Meeting.

The Victoria Fromkin Prize recognizes outstanding scholarship in phonology by a linguistics graduate student.
Nominations of women and underrepresented ethnic minorities are particularly encouraged.
Nominators and nominees must be current members of the LSA.
US residency or citizenship is not required. 

Nomination Deadline
The nomination, consisting of a nomination form, an updated curriculum vitae for the nominee, links to papers for committee review and a brief citation that can be read at the presentation of the prize, must be received by September 15, 2021.  In the typical case, nominations will be submitted by an advisor, colleague or group of colleagues of the nominee, but self-nominations are not excluded. A statement in favor of the candidate (100 words or less) from an advisor is required.

Nomination Form
In the nomination form, you will be asked to address the areas listed below.  For each area, you will be asked to provide the information requested or explain why it does not apply to this nomination. Be aware that failure to address one or more of the areas may negatively impact your nomination.  Note also that you will need to fill the information into the online form for each area; a .pdf cannot be uploaded.

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* 3. Nominator's LSA Membership status

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