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We greatly appreciate the time you take to complete this year's Market Data Form! This information is very important, and allows us to show the legislature how farmers, farmers' markets, and farm stands positively impact New Mexico. Please use this form to provide the information you collected about your market this season.
Thank you so much for helping support New Mexico's local economy. 


* We are NOT able send you a completed copy of this survey. Please retain the information you used to answer this survey for your own record keeping purposes.
* You can edit this form while taking it, but after it is submitted you will not be able to edit the form. If you are not familiar with the required information, we recommend that you download the online form here and review the information to have it ready for submitting online.
* The form must be submitted to us by November 15.
* If you manage multiple markets, please submit one data form per market. Once you submit a survey for your first market, open the survey link again to submit a survey for your second market.
* Some of these questions are required and some are optional; we greatly appreciate you answering all of the questions, however.

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