During these unprecedented times, Continuing Medical Education activities are being designed to accommodate the new learning events we are all experiencing. 

If you are leading or participating in meetings which are designed to address the current public health and other issues related to COVID-19 or the expected outcome from such meetings may produce an improvement in response to the public health crisis (including improved teamwork, communication, and/or patient care), then, Natividad's CME Program can award CME credit for your time and participation in such meetings.

This form MUST be completed prior to the meeting and submitted.  You will be asked to complete one page of paperwork at the conclusion of the activity so that the results and attendance can be documented.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cynthia F. Johnson, your CME Program Manager at 831-783-2597 or email

Please complete the following form to request accreditation for your activity.