* 1. Which of the following best describes you?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. I usually attend New Life Church:

* 4. What form of mass communication is best for you?

* 5. What is one thing that NLC should start doing?

* 6. What is one thing that NLC should stop doing?

* 7. What is one thing that NLC should continue doing?

* 8. Based on YOUR perceptions and experiences, how important do the below values APPEAR to be at New Life Church?
Please do NOT base your answer on how important you think the value should be, but rather how important you PERCEIVE it ACTUALLY IS at New Life Church today.

  No/Little Importance to NLC Important to NLC Very Important to NLC No Opinion
FELLOWSHIP - Enjoying time with each other
PRAYER - Communicating with God
EXCELLENCE - Doing our best
SERVANTHOOD - Putting others first
WORSHIP- Gathering to praise God
PREACHING - Sharing God's Word
APPLYING SCRIPTURE - Put it into action
INNOVATION - New ways to be more effective
TRADITION - Doing things the same way
COMPASSION - Caring for the well being of others
LEADERSHIP - Growing the ability to influence
OUTREACH - Caring for those around you
MISSIONS - Caring for those around the world
CREATIVITY - Artistic ways to do a ministry
DISCIPLESHIP - creating followers of Jesus
EVANGELISM - telling others about Jesus
GIVING - offering our money to God
ENCOURAGEMENT - offering hope & support
DIVERSITY - embracing differences among us
MOBILIZED - everyone ready to help
BIBLE - know & remember biblical truths
FAMILIES - engaging multiple generations
INTEGRITY - doing what we say we will do
UNCHURCHED - attracting those who do not attend church
INTENTIONALITY - planning for what we must do
OBEDIENCE - following God & leaders
GROUPS - gathering to grow in faith
CHRIST-CENTERED - ensuring all we do reflects Jesus
CHILDREN & YOUTH - helping kids grow in faith
COOPERATION - working together to serve Jesus
ACCOUNTABILITY - holding people responsible
RISK - willing to try new things
RELEVANCE - understandable & applicable today
GROWTH - expand our reach & impact
AUTHENTICITY - be yourself always
FRUITFULNESS - focus on results for God's kingdom
FUN - laugher and amusement
OPEN-MINDED - able to consider other ideas/perspectives

* 9. Overall, I would describe my current feelings about New Life Church as: