2019 NISC Annual Programs of Excellence Awards - Highlighted Category - The Arts

General Description:
For the purpose of recognizing program excellence, the NISC Annual Programs of Excellence Awards contest has been designed to honor and promote the outstanding efforts made by senior centers to enhance program offerings to older adults.

Programs conducted in a senior center between July 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019 are eligible for awards. Judges will look for programs that are innovative, creative and easily replicated.

Due to the potential volume of submissions, each applicant can submit only ONE entry in the general program categories and ONE entry in this year's special highlighted area of the Arts. You are responsible for selecting the category that best fits your program entry.

This award is available to all senior centers.
A $300 cash prize will go to the winner of the Arts highlighted category.

Cash prizes of $100 will be made to award winners in each of the seven program categories.  (Apply for this area on a separate application.) Prize money will awarded to the senior center or related friends group at the annual conference.

Applicants can apply for one of the 7 program awards along with the highlighted arts campaign.  These will be judged independently.

Completed nomination forms must be received through this link no later than Friday, November 22, 2019. No late entries will be accepted.

This application is for the highlighted category the Arts only. Please see the general category for all other awards.

The NISC Programs of Excellence highlighted category this year is the Arts. To be considered for an award, the program must engage older adults in a multidimensional art project or series of arts programs over the course of the year, with the project/series culminating with a public program component such as an art show, open house, exhibit, etc. that is open to the community. The program should involve community partners, local artists and older adults in the planning and delivery of the project/series.

Please remember to also apply for an award in the Programs of Excellence 7 categories. 

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* 1. Campaign Title:

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* 2. Please describe your your overall campaign in 250 words or less.  (The following section allows you to talk about the individual events in more detail.) 

If your nomination is over 250 words, it will not be considered.

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* 3. Please describe the activities that were included in this program.  Include up to 4 different activities within the program.

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* 4. What are the outcomes of this program?  (How did your participants benefit? How did your organization benefit?)

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* 5. What were the tools, observable measures or indicators that you used to measure the success of the program?

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* 6. Number of Staff/Volunteers Required to run program.

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* 7. Expenses and Revenues and Net Profit/Loss:

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* 8. One photo may be sent to illustrate the campaign. Please send by email to Maureen.oleary@ncoa.org. Please put in the subject line "2019 NISC Excellence Awards - the arts".  Do not send any materials by mail.

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* 9. Your contact information is needed:

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* 10. If this is a collaboration with one or more senior centers, please include the contact information for each senior center and specify if there is one lead senior center.

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* 11. It is required that subjects of quotes, photographs or recordings provide the National Council on Aging, Inc. (the Publisher), a nonprofit service and advocacy organization located in Washington, DC, with formal written consent to use quotes, photographs or recordings.

I consent to the participation of the NISC Annual Awards program and the use of the nomination may be published by the Publisher in print or in electronic publications such as on the Publisher’s Web site and may be released to news media and others in connection with the promotion or publicizing of the activities of the Publisher.

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The undersigned waives any demand for compensation and relieves The Publisher from all claims arising for the use of this photo/recording.

Award recipients will be notified in January 2020. Award selections are made by a panel of judges and all decisions are final.

If your nomination receives an award, you must designate a representative to present an online informational session on your program.

NISC will recognize the winners on their website. An award booklet featuring the award winners will be available to all senior centers. The complete book of entries will be posted in the NISC Member Resource section.

Thank you for your submission.
NISC Best Practices Committee