The State of New Hampshire has begun an exciting process to develop a Tourism Development Strategy (TDS) for the state’s tourism/hospitality industry and communities across the seven tourism regions of the state as a whole.

As part of the research, it is critical to include New Hampshire resident’s thoughts. We are interested to why you call New Hampshire home and why it attracts visitors. Your input as a resident provide a valuable perspective on the state and the region’s tourism opportunity and overall appeal. These questions are designed to collect your views about the region for residents to live, work, and play, and as a destination for visitors to enjoy. With your help and input, we’ll make New Hampshire an even better place to visit and with that a better place to live. 

The survey should take 15-20 minutes. Please answer questions where you are familiar with the subject matter. If you are not familiar with the content, or don’t have an opinion on a particular subject, please select N/A or skip to the next question.