Dear NHAAN Applicant,

The National HIV Aging & Advocacy Network (NHAAN) is a volunteer organization supported by NMAC. NHAAN is recruiting members to help achieve a vision of a world in which all people thrive as they age with HIV – physically, socially, financially, spiritually, emotionally, and in all aspects of their lives.
Our objectives are to:
  • Advocate for policies, programs and services that help persons aging with HIV maximize their physical, social, financial independence and quality of life
  • Advocate for policies, programs and services that specifically address HIV Long-Term Survivor trauma and other physical and mental health conditions resulting from trauma
  • Engage in information sharing with the Network Membership, this includes HIV and aging, life-saving information, services, resources, events, and professional opportunities
  • Advocate for economic and social justice issues affecting persons aging with HIV
  • Actively advocate for the Modernization of the Ryan White Care Act in Congress  
  • Engage local and national community organizations that facilitate connectedness among the members of the Network. To actively collaborate with policy groups and organizations that address HIV and Aging specific issues 
Membership is open to:
  • Individuals, NOT organizations
  • Volunteer-based
  • Individuals living and aging with HIV/AIDS, specifically:
    • People living with HIV since the time before effective HIV treatments (cARTs) were available and who often refer to themselves as Long-Term Survivors
    • People age 50+ and living with HIV
    • People who have been living with HIV since birth or acquired HIV as young people, and who often refer to themselves as Lifetime Survivors or Dandelions
    • People who identify as “long-haulers” and have been living with HIV for 10 years or more
NHAAN holds quarterly meetings, and members have the opportunity to join committee meetings throughout the month, as well. To be considered for NHAAN membership, please fill out this application. You can reach out to with any questions. 

Nancy Duncan, Cathy Martens
NHAAN Membership Co-Chairs